Dr Noel Merrick
PhD, MSc, BSc, GradDip
Noel is a groundwater modeller, hydrogeologist and geophysicist with over 40 years' experience in groundwater management issues and policies. He retired in 2009 as an Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, where he was Director of the National Centre for Groundwater Management and ran courses in Groundwater Modelling, Groundwater Geophysics and Groundwater Policy and Management. Since then, Noel is in demand as a modeller, peer reviewer and mentor on many groundwater assessments and modelling studies.

As a researcher, he pioneered methods for resource sustainability quantification and management, particularly using optimisation techniques, and has been engaged in research projects with the Aquaculture, Rice, Cotton and Contaminant CRCs. He led the development of HotSpots, the software that is being used by the NSW government to facilitate groundwater trading. As a consultant, he has undertaken many environmental impact studies for major infrastructure, resource and mining projects.

He was a member of the NSW working group that drafted the State Groundwater Policy documents and recently has been instrumental in the final form of the NSW Aquifer Interference Policy. He has participated on several expert panels for the NSW government, is a salinity auditor for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, and has been a modelling advisor to the Commonwealth government and to five State governments.


Dr Derek Yates
PhD, GradDip, BSc(Hons)
Derek worked in the fields of hydrogeology (groundwater teaching, research and consulting), soil science, agriculture and meteorology for over 30 years at the University of Sydney and the National Centre for Groundwater Management, University of Technology, Sydney before joining HydroSimulations.

He has extensive research and teaching expertise, having recently developed and implemented an innovative learning program for advisors to the agricultural community. Earlier work with the Groundwater Management group at UTS involved a variety of consulting projects from irrigation to resource management. His current role involves a variety of groundwater modelling projects, with a focus on surface and groundwater interaction and the accurate representation and presentation of complex scientific material.

Becky Rollins
MSc, BSc
Becky is a hydrogeologist with over ten years’ experience in regional groundwater modelling and resource management in Australia and the UK. Her project experience includes groundwater assessments for open cut and underground mining and coal seam gas developments in NSW and Queensland, including data analysis, desktop assessments and development of conceptual and numerical groundwater models to assess the potential impacts of mining and coal seam gas on groundwater and surface water.

Becky has experience in developing regional groundwater models and rainfall recharge models in the UK, with a focus on assessing the potential impacts of groundwater abstractions for public water supply on groundwater dependent ecosystems. Becky has also been involved in groundwater and surface water monitoring programs, and hydrogeological field investigations.

Tingting Liu
MEng, BEng(Hons)
Tingting has ten years’ experience as a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeller working with several commercial consultancy companies in Australia. She has been heavily involved in numerous open cut and underground coal mining groundwater modelling projects in NSW and Queensland and has worked mainly on numerical model development, including model conceptualisation, setup, calibration and sensitivity analysis. She has used these to provide model predictions required for the assessment of groundwater impacts. Tingting’s modelling experience includes the use of MODFLOW, SURFACT, USG, FEFLOW, Groundwater Vistas and PMWIN to calibrate and predict groundwater drawdown and recovery for mining projects. She has provided evaluations of groundwater impacts, mine inflows, dewatering requirements and operational water availability. Tingting has a broad knowledge of hydrogeology, including pumping test evaluation, dewatering and artificial recharge. She also has wide ranging capabilities with relevant presentational software such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD and Surfer and is experienced in producing high quality technical figures.

Adam Skorulis
Adam joined HydroSimulations in June 2015 and works as a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeller. Adam has been involved in groundwater modelling projects, primarily for regional water resource studies, but also EIS, site scale and excavation and mine inflow and dewatering jobs.

Adam has also conducted hydrogeological mapping using bore databases, existing literature, geophysics, and published outcrop mapping in reporting to clients and is a competent user of GIS and databases.

Joel Vernon
MSc, BSc
Joel is a hydrogeologist with a varied range of geological experience since graduating from University of Newcastle in 2007. He has worked in NSW, QLD and WA including regional and near mine mineral exploration and resource management, geotechnical investigations for dam and civil projects, and flood hazard modelling. Prior to joining HydroSimulations in 2017, Joel enjoyed 3 years as a regional hydrogeologist in the mid-west Gascoyne region, Western Australia, and was involved in water resource licensing, land use planning assessment, water allocation planning, groundwater monitoring programs and field investigations. Joel has gained experience in groundwater modelling using MODFLOW-USG and Groundwater Vistas together with GIS for mine inflow and groundwater impact assessment for several mining projects.


Maxime Philibert
MSc, BEnvMgt
Maxime is a hydrogeologist with a range of environmental management experience. He has worked for a city council in Queensland to develop site-based management plans for wastewater infrastructures and conducted field investigations for a reforestation project in Costa Rica. In 2016, Maxime graduated from the University of Birmingham with a MSc Hydrogeology degree and developed his groundwater modelling skills using Groundwater Vistas, MODFLOW and MODPATH.

Since joining HydroSimulations in January 2018, Maxime has been involved in the data analysis and reporting for groundwater management plans, groundwater licensing audit and annual review for various coal mines in NSW. Maxime has gained experience in developing and updating numerical groundwater models for underground and open cut mines to predict mine inflow, drawdowns and impact on groundwater flows.

Braiya White
Braiya joined HydroSimulations in 2017 and works as a hydrogeologist, assisting other staff with groundwater modelling projects, and so far has worked on swamp hydrogeology and groundwater contamination. She is a proficient GIS user with experience in cartography. Braiya has skills in geological mapping, field geology and water testing in Australia and overseas.


Cathy Martin
BBus (with Distinction), FIPA
Cathy joined HydroSimulations in October 2012 and works as the company’s accountant/bookkeeper, and HR, payroll and contracts administrator. She has had many years of experience working as a tax agent, financial and management accountant and payroll officer. Cathy also looks after the general administration of our offices including the phones and reception.

Marg Merrick
Marg is responsible for the efficient running of business activities with administration duties, staff relations, advertising for new staff, travel organisation, liaising with tradesmen and agents in relation to business rental and fit-out as well as duties as co-Director with Noel involving regular meetings with our accountant, Cathy Martin to ensure diligent and complying business activities.